Programs & Files Accepted
PDF, CS6, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop,
QuarkXPress, PC & Mac
Sending Digital Files

If you sending a native file, use one of
the following features to collect
everything needed to produce your job.

InDesign  has" Package"

QUARKXPRESS  has "collect for output"

If you need help with these features, please
contact us.

Link your files, rather then embedding them.
(When you embed your files, it makes your
document bigger).

When using  Illustrator:
Convert all text to outlines/paths if no editing is
needed.  By doing this, the fonts are now
graphics and no fonts are needed.

Set all bleeds set at 1/8 inch.
Digital Images & Photos

Convert all photos and images to:
Line Art (Black & White), Grayscale, or CMYK.
(No RGB, Indexed or Lab Colors )

Image Resolutions:
Line Art - 1200dpi
Grayscale/Halftones - 300 dpi minimum
CMYK - 300 dpi minimum

Save images as tiff or eps formats.
(Jpg, bmp, and gif files are low quality)

As a general rule:
Don't enlarge any photos more than 120%.

When using Spot Colors:
Make sure to use only one of the same color.
(example: pms 185c & pms 185u in the same
document is not right. The c and u will count as 2
colors not one, because it is 2 different formats).
Do not use the shortcut keys for
bolding, italicizing, etc.  You must make
sure you use the fonts you have.
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